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  1. As we've bought the computers from an official distributor we were asking for all the support - they said everything is stopped by the company producer, maybe temporarily..)
  2. Sorry, I was making correction of my question above!
  3. Hello! We have a couple of France brand dive computers Serenity Concept S1 in our rental stock. At the moment the company are looking like not working and supporting customers, not answering questions; webpage, apps and pages in social media are not alive. As the computers are managing only from smartphone apps we have a problem after we changed our smartphones and can't now reload or load the applications from company's not working apps... Do someone know how to manage settings of the computer in this case or to reload old managing apps to new smartphone..? Help please)
  4. Why not?) The user asked a good simple question and nobody can answer it for 3 years... Maybe it will be interesting for other people on the forum! Deep Regards "Rusty Divers" Cyprus
  5. Hello! You are wrong. I answered the question and I'm here. What for was your replica here??!
  6. Very sorry as it's that late but better later than never)) Wreck diving eldorado of the Med is the Zenobia wreck in Larnaca Cyprus (nearly Greece) - huge Swedish cargo ferry safely sunken in 1980. We also have few other worthy wrecks here around Larnaca but the Zenobia is definitely the "gold nail"! Deep Regards "Rusty Divers" Cyprus
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