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  1. So I if you know somebody could take me somewhere together, I will be grateful. I don't need a babysitter, but.. it not so easy then you in different country.. I just need to know bit in advance, because thats depends do I take equipment or not.
  2. I am calm, trained to work different problems, have a proper lights, no silting.. but I don't have a cave certificate. We don't have any caves there. I have been in the flooded fortress few times, which is pretty big but not deep. https://www.facebook.com/pb.pb.161/videos/1786974878197031/ If you have something not difficult.. I am not crazy, so if it's above my level I understand that I still need to grow. My FB profile https://www.facebook.com/gediminas.usackas
  3. Exactly. In January I have a plan for Egypt. But December I need to be in Paris because of my work
  4. Thank you. It very interesting information. Maybe I will use it then I will be etc. in Antwerp, Brusels, Roterdam.. but from Paris it looks far.
  5. I have checked all the information. I guess it will be tricky with diving in sea because the non season/ hard weather season. Three quarries is pretty interesting, but bit too far.. This is very interesting for me: http://www.lacbeaumontsuroise-ffessmidfp.fr. Thats the name of place? That is max depth? 30? Is it moon bottom or there is something to see?
  6. Thank you a lot for reply. 3h by car for me it is bit too much, as I need to rent a car. But there we sometime drive over 300km for a good dive Pool. Hmm.. not really interesting, but if this is only possibility get wet.. never been in pool deeper then 5 meters So you stop diving till the spring? That to do for narcosis addict diver??
  7. Is it anybody diving from/around Paris all year around? I am going to stay in Paris from 5th to 17th December. I do dive in cold conditions in Lithuania. I could take my equipment if I knew I will use it. Usually dive with sidemount 2x12 +deco gas. Level technical, advance nitrox, 45m, deco, more than 400 dives. I could take only my dry suite for fun dive with one bottle or twinset too.. The most important for me to get wet in that period. Any suggestions?
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